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Bathroom Worktops

Vanity worktops play a dual role in your bathroom: durability and capability. They need to be able to handle cosmetics, water, and soap, as well as providing plenty of space to handle your morning bathroom rush hour.

The bathroom isn’t the place for a material that is porous and delicate. It can be the focal point of your bathroom, as well as a connection point, where the cabinets meet the wall tiles. The surface that you settle on may depend on your budget as much as it does your tastes, but the good news is that your bathroom worktops don’t need to be boring. Here are some options which may provide you with the best fit.

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Bathroom Vanities | McMonagle Marble & Granite

Granite Bathroom Worktops

Granite is an exceptionally popular choice for bathroom worktops, so it’s worth considering.This natural stone offers a varied appearance that cannot be replicated by any manmade material could ever hope to.

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vanity bathrooms donegal

Granite Commercial Countertops

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Quartz Bathroom Worktops

Quartz is perhaps the best option for bathroom worktops. As quartz is made up of 93% quartz and the remainder binders and pigments it results in an incredibly durable surface (That can look like granite if so desired). It is ideal for anyone that wants to obtain the look of granite, without dealing with the maintenance that granite requires.

Price wise they would tend to be roughly the same price, although in some cases Quartz can be pricier.

Marble Bathroom Worktops

There are plenty of reasons to choose marble for your bathroom worktops. As far as appearance goes, it’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t find marble stunning. There’s something special about the veins and swirls of this eye-catching stone.

Marble is also highly durable, especially when compared to synthetic materials. Where other worktops may burn or melt, marble withstands it as it is highly heat resistance. While they’re not entirely impervious to heat, it can certainly handle high heats more than many other surfaces.

When it comes to cost, marble is less expensive than some other options. Additionally, it’s available in a variety of styles, colours, and veins. It also lasts much longer than plywood or laminate.

Marble is an investment that will pay you back over the years, as it won’t need replacing. Marble can stain or etch and if were worried about discolouration or scratching, then you may be better off with granite or quartz. Additionally, marble should be resealed on an annual basis, only mild soap and water should be used for cleaning, and it needs to be dried after every use. 

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