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Tips on Selecting Quartz Countertop Colours

Quartz is mostly found in mineral environments and comes in many different colours and forms. Quartz comes under many different names and is made of small crystals which are microscopic which make it look

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How To Select The Best Granite Countertop Colour for Kitchen

Granite countertops come in a variety of different colours and can make any kitchen look amazing and modern. Before deciding on which colour to choose, make sure to consider what works for best for you

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How To Choose Countertop Colours

Countertops whether in bathrooms, kitchens or study areas are a decorating choice you need to make wisely.They can be costly, so you need to be sure that what you choose is the right decision. There are

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Granite Vs Quartz

It can be confusing when it comes to buying a quartz or granite countertop. The top two types that are always recommended are granite countertops and quartz countertops. Most people tend to think these

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6 Reasons Why Granite Worktops are Perfect for Your Home

A granite countertop is the most preferred tops when one is thinking about building anything that is long lasting. Granite rock is a natural stone made of igneous rock consisting of mica quartz and feldspar.

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4 Top Colours For Granite Kitchen Countertops

With so many designs, and trends to keep up with, granite is still as popular as ever as the kitchen and bathroom countertop material of choice.Durable for everyday use, there is hardly any maintenance

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8 Top Trends in Kitchen Countertop Design For 2018

Every home owner wants a good looking, durable countertop for their kitchen. Countertops should be accommodative in style, and offer in everything you want to help in the preparation of foods. Ensuring

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6 Kitchen Countertop Color Styles To Consider

When it comes to countertops colours, there is a wide variety to choose from. This depends mostly on your style or the colours that will compliment your kitchen. You have to be careful not to contrast

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Ensuite Revamps in Nymbus Quartz

 Nymbus Quartz was the colour of choice for the Allingham Arms renovations completed in 2018.The aim for the hotel was to revamp their bedrooms and ensuites being finished in Nymbus quartz. Nymbus

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New Fireplace for the Radisson Hotel, Sligo

New fireplace for the hotel Radisson in Sligo 

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