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5 Best Kitchen Countertop Materials For Your Dream Kitchen

When it comes to creating your dream kitchen, choosing the perfect countertop should be on top of the listFrom homework to evening drinks, food preparation or a second dining area in an open kitchen, the

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The Best Kitchen Countertop for Your Money

Have you been dreaming of a new kitchen countertop?We have had many customers come in confused as they always believed they would be choosing a granite kitchen countertop, but when they finally get around

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How a Kitchen Island can Revitalise your Home

The kitchen is the most valuable and most hard-working part of the house, so when experts evaluate kitchen renovations as capable of boosting property value by 4-7%, an investment in a granite or quartz

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Granite, Marble or Quartz? Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Countertop Material

If you’re ready to take your home to the next level, it’s imperative that you choose the countertop that best suits your décor, your lifestyle, and most importantly, your taste. Granite and quartz

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Choosing the Right Countertop for your Kitchen and Your Wallet

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or replacing an old countertop, making the right decision for your kitchen is critical in ensuring the most valuable room in your home functions as properly and beautifully

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Botticino Quartz

Botticino is quartz stone with a creamy beige backdrop and an array of delicate white veins. The white veins bring up the unrepeatable attractiveness of natural marble to any interior area in which it

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Hudson Quartz

Hudson is a dark grey base quartz stone with a beautifully arranged pattern of lighter and darker flecks that evokes the beauty of natural stones such as limestone and granite.Hudson quartz is made with

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Diamond White Quartz

Diamond White is a white quartz with grey flecks running gently through the grain. Diamond White is a very popular choice for Bathrooms and Laundry rooms.Diamond White Quartz is also a perfect quartz for

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Astoria Granite

The beautiful Astoria granite is a light colour with brown and gold with no two slabs being alike.Astoria granite is also a perfect granite for a granite Kitchen countertop.Whether looking for granite

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Stargate Granite

Stargate Granite is also black granite with iridescent silver flecks.Stargate Granite is also a perfect granite for a granite Kitchen countertop.Whether looking for granite countertops or quartz countertops

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