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Five Reasons Granite is a Good Investment

1. Added Value

Even if you do nothing else, adding granite countertops to you kitchen drastically increases its value and in turn your overall house value. Not only can granite be added in the kitchen but it can be added to bathrooms, floors and mantles too. The elegance can be spread to every room for an undeniable quality look.

2. Durability

A granite countertop is very durable to everyday kitchen activities. They rarely scratch, chip or break. We even have options to seal it to further if you wanted to protect the pristine quality of the worktops.

3. Flat

Nothing is more frustrating than spending a ton of money on something that is not as reliable as you hoped. Sometimes other materials can warp and crack or not be cut properly. Granite is flat, and is impossible to warp, and is cut specially for your counters or surfaces. This makes it a great surface for floors too. If your baseboards are warped it might be hard to get wood or tile to place over it properly, but Granite is unmovable, and would better the floors immensely.

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4. Much easier to Clean

Granite is sealed, therefore unlike wood or other materials, it is not porous. This is very beneficial especially if used for a kitchen worktop or in the bathroom. The solid, lack of porousness prevents bacteria from getting trapped within the material, so if you drop something like raw meat juice onto the surface, you don't have to worry about the bacteria penetrating through the counter.

This makes cleaning very easy and a lot safer, if you have children and they like to help in the kitchen this is a perfect surface. Even dried on ingredients are easily removed. That alone could save a lot of money on clean products and potentially ruined towels. That also means you don't need harsh chemicals to clean them, you can just use regular soap and water to restore the pristine shine of the counters.

5. Customisation

Have you ever gone to a store looking for something specific and they are out of or it is discontinued? With Granite you can customise every aspect, the most important being the dimensions. Granites colour is controlled by its cooling process and a number of other minerals within each piece. You don't have to worry about the shape of your counters or work surfaces, anything is possible. They range from a bright vibrant white to a dark midnight black, and everything in between. No matter the colour, the Granite holds impeccable quality beauty in every piece.

Where to find Granite?

If you are looking good reliable granite fabrication in North West Ireland, check out McMonagles, in Donegal. We offer generations of expertise and experience to their craft and will ensure that you will be satisfied with the stone you choose, in turn enhancing your home drastically.

About the Author Karen Lavin

With decades of expertise in stone, colour and finishing options, Karen's knowledge across the McMonagle range from hearths to mantles, bespoke fireplaces to kitchen countertops will ensure you make the right choice.

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