5 Reasons Why You Need a Granite Kitchen Countertop
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5 Reasons Why You Need a Granite Kitchen Countertop

Granite countertops are very popular for the kitchen area, but this is for many solid reasons. Here are 5 reasons why granite kitchen countertops are great for any kitchen.

Whether buying a new kitchen or remodelling an existing one here are 5 reasons why you might decide to use a granite kitchen countertop

1. granite kitchen countertops are Durable

Granite is a very durable and tough material. the only material that is harder than granite is diamond so you're going to have a countertop that never needs to be replaced. You won't have to worry about cracking, scratching, and chipping which occurs with many other materials. This type of countertop, is also resistant to heat so you won't have to worry about the material getting burnt which can happen with other countertops.

2. Granite Countertops are Easy to Maintain

A granite countertop is very easy to maintain as long as it’s properly sealed. This can easily be done by a qualified contractor. it's best to have this countertop installed by a professional because it does have to be sealed properly. When sealed, it resists bacteria as well as staining. To clean a granite countertop, all you need to use is water and soap or a cleaner that is designed for granite.

Tip: Do remember to clean up spills quickly which you should do with any countertop material.

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3. Granite worktops Add Value to your home

As well as beauty a Granite countertop is going to add value to your home.

It can become a great selling point if ever trying to sell your home. Buyers always love the fact that kitchens have granite countertops as it is one element they do not need to update.

4. Granite Countertops for your kitchen are a great Investment

Yes, they may cost a more than a a laminate countertop or wooden worktop but they will last forever and as mentioned above, add value to your home in the long run. Granite outlasts most stones (soapstone or quartz). You might spend more money, but you have a long-term investment and your kitchen will look amazing.

5. Granite Countertops Add Beauty

Granite countertops always add that visually appealing beauty and style to a kitchen when compared them with other materials. A great looking granite countertop offers such a strong focal point to a kitchen.

You will never, ever regret buying a granite countertop for your kitchen. They last a long time, are easy to maintain and add beauty and additional value to your home ​

Looking for a granite kitchen countertop for your home? Talk to McMonagle Marble & Granite today to see how we can transform your kitchen to the kitchen of your dreams. We offer granite countertops and granite worktops to homes all over the country from Donegal to Galway, Belfast to Dublin to Cork.

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