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Granite Tabletops

As granite is a natural stone it is subject to variations in shade, colour, veining, and textures.

Therefore, it’s important to know how a recess drainer’s polish may differ from the appearance and shade of the overall worktop. This tends to be more apparent on materials that have been pressure treated during production, making it virtually impossible to find an exact match between the recess and the worktop.

During the design process we will work with you closely to match the styles of what you envisioned for your project

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Quartz Countertops | McMonagle Marble & Granite

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granite table tops

Granite Tabletops

While pure black granite is exceptionally popular, it can be slightly more difficult to maintain with even the slightest imperfection showing up. So, if you’re a bit of a perfectionist you can consider this.

This is very rare however if spillages are cleaned quickly. When it comes to granite your project will undergo two seals, one at the factory, and another after the final installation is complete.

If you want to keep your granite countertop looking brand new simply use mild soap and water, always rinse well with a clean cloth or kitchen roll, always use a microfibre cloth for buffing, and wipe spills up immediately after they occur. There are cleaning products available for stone worktops, if you choose to opt for those


Quartz Tabletops

Because of its hardness, durability, and non-porous nature, quartz is an ideal material for interior decorating. However, if you fail to properly maintain it, then it can stain, scratch, or further damage your countertops.

The Don’ts of Quartz Countertops

  • Don’t use abrasive cleaning agents, such as bleach or metallic scourers.
  • Don’t use heavy duty chemicals.
  • Don’t allow your marble countertop to come in contact with battery acid, paints, degreasers, or furniture strippers.
  • Don’t allow your marble countertop to come in contact with oil based soaps, permanent markers, hair dyes, or inks- all of this can result in discoloration.
  • Don’t be tempted to slide rough objects across its surface.
  • Don’t drop heavy objects (or pots and pans) on the edges or the surface, as this can result in chips.
  • Do not expose your countertop to excessive levels of heat, such as pans right out of the oven or from the stove. Always use chopping boards or trivets.
  • Don’t allow spills to sit for hours before they get cleaned
  • Don’t cut directly on your countertop
quartz kitchens fermanagh
quartz kitchens fermanagh

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