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granit vs quartz

Granite Vs Quartz

It can be confusing when it comes to buying a quartz or granite countertop. The top two types that are always recommended are granite countertops and quartz countertops. Most people tend to think these are the same, however there are a few specific differences between them as materials that have been broken down below.

Granite countertops are 100% natural stone mined from quarries everywhere then cut down to a usable size then polished to give it the smooth shiny finish. Quartz countertops are not all natural. They are manufactured using natural quartz and polymer resins.

Difference in Appearance

Quartz countertops have their popularity simply for the reason it has the stone look about it. You are still able to customise the design you want and have the natural stone look.

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Granite countertops have variety and come in different patterns and different colours. There is so many designs to choose from you are sure to find one that will suit your colour and style.
You will be guaranteed to have a unique worktop as no two granite countertops will be the same.

Maintaining Worktops

Quartz countertops may need to have spills cleaned up with soapy water but it is pretty much all there is with regards maintenance. A quartz surface does not need resealing so it suits those who don’t want any high maintenance.

Granite can be cleaned with soap and water and always be careful what countertop cleaning agents and cleaners you use. Both quartz and granite worktops can handle hot items, but be careful when dropping things especially on the edge. They can chip but only in extremely rare cases.


Granite is durable and will resist heat. It can get stained if spills are left too long. You must try pretty hard to scratch granite making it durable for the busy times in the kitchen.

Quartz is the harder version which makes it more durable. It isn’t porous so it’s easy to keep bacteria free zones in your kitchen. It is recommended to use protectors under hot items it can be damaged by extreme heat.

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