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Marble Countertops

From marble covering 4.5 million square metres in the Ashgabat region of central Asia to the preferred choice of the Roman and Greek empires marble adorns the worlds most beautiful and long lasting buildings, monuments and statues of our time.

From India’s Taj Mahal to America’s Washington Monument marble has been a prominent building material for generations for a reason.

A sophisticated and distinct style with unique colours and patterns marble has endless benefits. Below are a few of those many reasons.

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Beautiful Marble Stairs | McMonagle Marble & Granite

Marble Vanities


Marble is different from other materials, it has a luxury and sophistication that you just can’t get from other stones. It provides its surroundings with an elegance and a warmth that cannot be rivalled. While some materials try to capture the same appearance as marble, nothing comes close to the natural beauty of original, natural marble.


This calcium based stone started out as limestone, and through heat and pressure transformed. It dates back to Mesopotamia, and it was in the sixth century that a building was constructed entirely of marble. To this day, we see proof of marble’s resilience in The Parthenon, erected in 447 BCE.

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Marble is forever


Because marble comes from nature, every slab is unique and impossible to replicate. For this reason, marble provides your space with unmatched beauty. Even if you spot a marble stone of the same name in another home or restaurant, it will look entirely different from your countertop.

Colour Variance

Marble comes in a wide variety of colours, from vibrant whites to bright pinks, reds, greens and browns through to the deepest of onyx black.

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Temperature Resistant

It may be soft and porous, which leaves it vulnerable to staining and etching, but it is heat resistant. Marble countertops are incredibly popular for pastry chefs and bakers. This is because it remains naturally cool, making it the perfect spot to roll out dough. Even bakers and pastry chefs that can't have marble countertops will invest in a marble board to do their work.


Marble does require more maintenance than granite and quartz, however, it is still highly durable. After all, it has been used for thousands of years because of its durability.

Easy to Clean

You shouldn't use chemicals with your marble. Simply opt for a mild soap and some warm water or a natural stone cleaner. Simple as that.

Return on Investment

Marble countertops will always add value to a home as what potential buyer doesn't love marble. As its durable it will last a lifetime if take care of but will not date in style.

Marble isn’t just ideal for the kitchen, it looks great elsewhere, too. Whether you want it in the bathroom, kitchen or for flooring - marble is always an excellent choice.

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Marble is also perfect for bathrooms

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