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Marble Staircases

Are you looking to construct a staircase that is as elegant as it is eye-catching? Then you need a marble staircase.

Marble staircases ooze class and style, and marble slabs are the ideal choice for a stunning staircase in your home, office or business.

If looking for the best, a marble staircase is your only choice.

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Bespoke Marble Manufacturing Donegal | McMonagle Marble & Granite

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Marble staircase are things of beauty while remaining understated

A Feature Design

If you haven’t lived in a home with a marble staircase then you may find it difficult to understand how stairs could become a feature design, a focal point, or considered a thing of beauty in its own right. 

However, marble has this capability. The beauty of the marble material provides an elegant and sophisticated appearance, making them the perfect eye-catching centrepiece for a home or business.

Once you’ve had a chance to see a marble staircase then it’s quite difficult to imagine your home, hotel or business with any other. Not to mention marble will outlast the décor changes that happen all around us.

Timeless Design

Marble has been in use for thousands of years, and has long been viewed as a hallmark of wealth, style, and fashion. It has a timeless design that doesn’t look out of place, or dated, no matter what type of setting it is used in.

For this reason, marble slabs are the perfect option if you are looking to create an elegant and timeless staircase design. It will fit in any setting whether wanting a simple, classic style, or you opt for a more modern look. While styles and fashions come and go, marble always blends effortlessly, no matter what interior design is the passing fashion of the season.

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Marble Stairs for the Four Masters Bookstore, Donegal

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Marble Staircase Derry | McMonagle Granite and Marble

Long Lasting and Durable

Marble has been used throughout history for its incredible durability. The hundreds of Marble buildings and thousands of marble statues throughout the world a testament to its long lasting, durable qualities.

If marble buildings can last from the Roman empire you can rest assured that your marble staircase will stand the test of time even after heavy use or footfall.

Its durability makes it the perfect choice for any staircase as it will always retain its beauty.

A Natural Approach

Marble is a most elegant and luxurious material and only improves in beauty over time. Marble's beauty lasts for generations and is versatile enough for any design use. Some people believe Marble is a new "trend", but if that is the case, Marble has been "trending" now for 3000 years.
Natural marble has always held its status of luxury, elegance, and beauty. Some material can try and copy, but nothing beats original, natural marble.

Whether it’s because of Marbles ability to provide a focal point, its ageless design, durability, or environmental reasons, there are endless benefits and no downsides to choose a marble staircase.

Not convinced about Marble Staircases? McMonagle Marble & Granite, Donegal can help. Make an appointment with us to discuss your options and learn more about the advantages and benefits of marble.

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Marble Staircase, Sligo

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