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Granite & Quartz Materials

Botticino Quartz
Botticino is quartz stone with a creamy beige backdrop and an array of delicate white veins. The white veins bring[...]
Hudson Quartz
Hudson is a dark grey base quartz stone with a beautifully arranged pattern of lighter and darker flecks that evokes[...]
Diamond White Quartz
Diamond White is a white quartz with grey flecks running gently through the grain. Diamond White is a very popular[...]
Astoria Granite
The beautiful Astoria granite is a light colour with brown and gold with no two slabs being alike.Astoria granite is[...]
Stargate Granite
Stargate Granite is also black granite with iridescent silver flecks.Stargate Granite is also a perfect granite for a granite Kitchen[...]
Galaxy Granite
Galaxy Granite is mostly black granite with small gold and white flecks.Galaxy Granite is also a perfect granite for a[...]
Millenium Cream
Millenium Cream is a mixture of gold and cream colored slab. You may also get a burnt orange  veinning throughout[...]
Absolute Black
Absolute black is solid black granite which has a consistent colour and texture. Black granite can be used for both[...]
Blue Savoy Quartz
Blue savoy is a grey quartz with slight tonal movement in the slab. Blue Savoy is a stunning colour. Blue[...]
Serra Quartz
Serra Quartz – elegant finish and a modern design. Very smooth coloursSerra Quartz is also a perfect quartz for a[...]
Diamond Grey
Diamond Grey boasts a mid grey background with shimmery mirror flecks.Diamond Grey is also a perfect quartz for a quartz[...]
Athena Quartz
Athena countertops are a grey surface stone like surface. Athena is a beautiful option for kitchen countertops and also for[...]
Misty Carrara Quartz
Misty Carrara is  a white to an off white surface with grey veining. Misty Carrara is a timeless classic which[...]
Twilight Grey
Twilight Grey is a grey colored countertop surface which is ideal for bathroom or kitchen countertops.
Orchid White Quartz
Orchid White is a white quartz with grey flecks running gently through the grain. Orchid White is a very popular[...]
Ocean Jasper
The colour of Ocean Jasper quartz changes in different lighting. It can be a lighter taupe yet mostly a charcoal[...]
Pietra Quartz
Pietra Quartz is divine. Pietra is dark grey/black veining, along with cream and white and a little taupe predominately. A[...]
Cendre Quartz
Cendre is a quartz stone with earthy taupe combination tones that brings the aestics and natural stone to any interior[...]
Silver Sea Quartz
Silver Sea quartz is a lovely material with a homogeneous cream and greyish base. It has a smooth feel to[...]
Ulliano Quartz
Ulliano is a quartz stone with a grey background along with appealing white veins.  The white vein in the dark[...]
Tobacco Quartz
If you were looking for a fresh, light yet alluring quartz for your property Tobacco Quartz would be the choice.[...]
Dolce Vita Quartz
Dolce Vita Quartz is a stunning white with ivory stone along with tones of grey in the slab. Dolce Vita[...]
Ice Lake Quartz
The Ice Lake quartz is a high quality and unique white quartz with patterns of grey watercolour throughout the slab.[...]
Misterio Quartz
Our Misterio Quartz is very popular to the Mc Monagle Marble and Granite range.  It is bright with yet a[...]
Dark Emperador
Dark Emperador is quartz from Spain.  A mixture of light to brown veins mixing with dark brown. Dark Emperador is[...]
Quasar Light
Modern and Sleek are two words that come to mind when you mention Quasar Light.If chosen, you can transform your[...]
White Fusion
White Fusion is a quartz stone with a charming white backdrop. It has a striking combination of grey and black[...]
Avalanche Quartz
Avalanche is a quartz stone with a wild pattern yet unique that has a veining combination in greys, beiges and[...]