A Misterio Kitchen in Killybegs, Donegal - McMonagle Marble & Granite, Donegal
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McGettigan Kitchen - Killybegs-17

A Misterio Kitchen in Killybegs, Donegal

The aim of our customer in this costal home was to create a feeling of freshness and brightness to their kitchen which we delivered using our Misterio range.

We used plenty of natural light to bring a softness to the kitchen along with the neutral tones throughout the worktop.

Our customer’s choice of kitchen was finished in Misterio Quartz with a 30mm Pencil Edge and a 50mm Box Edge for the Island.

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Misterio McGettigan Kitchen Killybegs donegal

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With decades of expertise in stone, colour and finishing options, Karen's knowledge across the McMonagle range from hearths to mantles, bespoke fireplaces to kitchen countertops will ensure you make the right choice.

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