Amazing Small Kitchen Ideas: Store Kitchen Items in Small Spaces
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Amazing Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Whether you live in an average city apartment, a college dormitory or small but cosy home, chances are you have a small kitchen. And the challenge of having a small space is that it can be really difficult to organise.

But don't let a cramped kitchen get you down. We have come up with small kitchen ideas that can help you maximise kitchen space.

Roll-away Pantry

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Roll-Away Pantry

If you have a small space at the side of your fridge, then you can definitely use it for storing kitchen items. A roll-away pantry is a storage that you can build in the space between your fridge and the retaining wall next to it (or any space in your kitchen that is six inches wide.

The roll-away pantry can hold a lot of canned goods and other non-perishable items. Simply roll it out if you need to get something and roll it in once you're done. It's convenient and doesn't use too much space of your kitchen.

Small Kitchen Island

The Kitchen Island

You might think that you don’t need one because of the your kitchen's limited space but adding a kitchen island can be very beneficial. Advantages of kitchen islands include added storage, place to work and even extra seating. Even if you only have extra three square feet space that’s already enough for a good kitchen island.

Hire a company who can expertly install you kitchen island countertop on your small kitchen space. If this is not an option for now, you can always use a small table.

Open Shelves

Open Shelves

The great thing about open shelves is that you everything you will place on is readily visible to you. Also, it’s very easy to mount. You can place your glasses, plates and bowls in the open shelves so you will have extra space on your countertop. It's also best to install the shelves above the sink for easy access.

Kitchen Wall Rack

Wall Racks

Last on this list of amazing small kitchen ideas is quite similar to open shelves but for smaller kitchen items, spice jars and utensils. Wall racks are very efficient and they easily adapt to your space. Just like the open shelves, place the wall rack near the sink or in between the sink and stove for easy access.

Kitchens can be really efficient and organised, no matter how big or small it is. We hope that these small kitchen ideas can help you make your kitchen more organised and less cramped.

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