July 13


5 Tips on Decorating a Hearth

By Brian McMonagle

July 13, 2017

A hearth is the focal point of a room. Whether it’s big and grand or small but functional, your eye is always drawn to it when you enter a new building so you need to make sure yours is in top condition. Finding interesting and innovative ways to decorate your hearth can be difficult at the best of times so here are 5 tips to help you brighten up your room.

1. Incorporate the Mantel

When you’re redesigning the whole room you need to make sure that you remember to decorate the mantel to match, Whether it’s painting it in keeping with the rest of the room or buying furniture to match, it is a great way to make a hearth look elegant and beautiful while still standing as the centerpiece to the room.

2. Go Natural

The natural look is very popular at the moment and looks stunning in every room. No matter how your room is decorated you can make the fireplace the focal point by decorating it with a stone look. Going particularly well in an open and airy room with lots of windows, you’ll really bring the outside in when you make the mantel out of stone. For an even more authentic look use stones of all shapes and sizes rather than those that are regularly cut out, it’s a fantastic feature for your home.

3. Keep it Minimalistic

If your whole house is kitted out with the minimalist look then the last thing you need is a busy, cluttered hearth that will draw attention to it for all the wrong reasons. Fortunately you can now use man made materials that can reduce the visual impact of the fireplace while still pumping out just as much heat. Steel and concrete combined with an innovative use of plaster and a calming, serene fireplace will be created.

4. The Formal Look

If you’re drawing room is used for the sole purpose of impressing then you’ll want to go formal. Always decorated simply with pastel colors, the hearth demands respect form the moment you lay eyes on it. To really draw attention to it arrange your furniture so the hearth is always in eye line, it will bring a dramatic yet formal look to the home.

5. Don’t Forget the Ornaments

If you’re on a budget or the hearth is looking a little too plain for your taste then you can always kit it out with some extras. Candle holders for the more regal fireplaces or a selection of canvasses for the family home, there’s so much you can do with a few little ornaments. Just remember to keep it in fitting with the rest of your furniture and don’t over clutter it. What might look like a few little keepsakes can quickly turn into a cluttered mess if you don’t plan ahead.

Brian McMonagle

About the author

Brian took over McMonagle Marble & Granite from his father Cathal in 2009. A family run business McMonagles was originally a fireplace distributer. Brian’s innovative steps has now expanded the company to over 20 employees, International markets and into the leading marble and granite fabricator of the North West of Ireland.

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