May 22


4 Top Colours For Granite Kitchen Countertops

By Brian McMonagle

May 22, 2018


With so many designs, and trends to keep up with, granite is still as popular as ever as the kitchen and bathroom countertop material of choice.

Durable for everyday use, there is hardly any maintenance that is needed and of course its natural beauty. When you head into a kitchen countertop store and browse the large array of colours of granite it can become confusing and frustrating to deciding on a colour.

Here is a list of the most most common countertop colours in granite. Contact us for samples so you can compare to your cabinet colours and general décor,

1. White Granite 

Some people prefer to stay away from white shades of granite by saying it lacks character and personality. However with granite and its composition there really is no plain coloured white granite.
Looking closer you will see they come with veins and different flecks of different colours that add that character you need in your kitchen. There isn’t just one shade of whites there is darker shades and also warmer shades. White look can make your kitchen appear simplified and fresh adding a more bigger feeling to it.

white granite countertops

White Granite ​

2. Brown Granite

A darker brown than the beige tones you may be familiar with does come with limits like making sure it matches in with the cabinet colours. Brown is very popular in the granite range because it appears gentle and warm and makes a statement when it is put with lighter cabinets and décor. Brown works with country farmhouse as well as rustic and Scandinavian. The brown shades have more noticeable flecks and veins that can offer the character one might be searching for.

Brown Granite

Brown Granite

3. Black Granite

Some people don’t really like granite but go with it for its durability and low maintenance.
Black granite is better suited for those who don’t like granite. Black granite is mostly a solid black, so it doesn’t really appear to be granite. When under the light or the sunshine through the window you will see its veins and specks sparkle. It’s important with black not to go with dark cabinetry and décor instead go with a lighter cabinet and use it as a focal point. Modern kitchens have the dark countertop with the white cabinets offers a more eye-catching kitchen.

Black Granite countertop

Black Granite Countertop

4. Jewel Toned for a Unique Look

Unusual and unique are the jewel toned granite benches. Jewel coloured red and green for example offer such an unusual but lovely appearance. This type of worktop needs to go with muted coloured cabinets. This will ensure you aren’t going over board with so many colours. These are eye-catching and expensive but if you are wanting a jewelled toned worktop perhaps it is worth every cent to get the look that’s different to all the rest.

If you are heading for custom coloured jewel tones then this may need to be ordered in which can take additional time so be sure to contact us to discuss so we can make your countertop has exactly the wow factor you were searching for.

jewel toned granite galway

Jewel Toned Granite

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