March 7


The Beauty of Granite In Architecture

By Brian McMonagle

March 7, 2018

Galway, Granite

granite commercial galway
granite steps galway
granite slabs galway
granite commercial galway
granite tiles galway

Today, architects are using Granite more than ever before.

granite architecture galway
granite architecture galway

The above house is the famous VMS House Which was recently constructed in Leon by famous architect, Marcos Miguélez. The white granite covers the entire exterior of the building giving it an extremely unique look.

The architect wanted the building to look like a modern-day castle and used the granite which holds the essence of traditional stone walls to give a rustic aesthetic appearance to the structure. People have always loved stone and texture in architecture.

Architects are gathering inspiration from the old art of stone masonry which is one of the main reasons granite is becoming more popular in construction today. Granite is a very durable material making it a the perfect material for floors and the facades of buildings.

Granite is made up of several minerals (usually at least 20% quartz). The mineral make up determines how granite looks in terms of colour. White, grey, and pink are typical granite colours. 

granite architecture

Another example is in China, where builders plan to create a large granite clubhouse as well as a spa complex in an area of Gaoyao. In Switzerland, the MeCri Museum now has a concrete in granite gallery and this is another example of how granite is being used in architecture today.

This residence is located in Melbourne Australia in the skin of the building is made out of grey granite and looks like it's been carved from just one stone. 

granite architecture 3

Wind Tower

In Kuwait you'll find the Wind Tower and granite was chosen for the facade of this building to make it look like an old-style sculpture carved by wind. A great example of granite being used in today’s building construction. 

Met Breuer

Met Breuer, Location: New York NY, Architect: Marcel Breuer

Met Breuer

Met Breuer, Location: New York NY, Architect: Marcel Breuer

The Met Breuer: Beyer Blinder Belle

The firm Beyer Blinder Belle in New York, renovated an iconic building of the Whitney Museum of American art and called it the Met Breuer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s. The grey Granite facade of this building was restored to give new definition to the public image of the Met. the granite facade of this building is accented by windows and in the lobby entrance way there's a glass front.

Architects today are using granite in new and interesting ways. These are just a few of the samples of how granite is being used to enhance architecture and create new styles. We will probably see new buildings in the future taking advantage of this amazingly flexible and beautiful building material.

Brian McMonagle

About the author

Brian took over McMonagle Marble & Granite from his father Cathal in 2009. A family run business McMonagles was originally a fireplace distributer. Brian’s innovative steps has now expanded the company to over 20 employees, International markets and into the leading marble and granite fabricator of the North West of Ireland.

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