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10 Reasons to Love Kitchen Islands

By Brian McMonagle

March 8, 2018

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Islands for kitchen are rising to be one of the most modest and modernised kitchen decoration. Whether quartz island or granite island, they are a must for the modern family and kitchen

The island kitchen was introduced around the 1970s, and ever since then, it was considered the most ideal kitchen decoration for homes. There are many uses for the kitchen island, which is why you need to have one.

1. Kitchen Islands Create More Space

Your kitchen will definitely be more spacious with an island kitchen, and this is one of the main reasons to have one. Who would not want a roomy kitchen?  Kitchens are usually made bigger when there’s an island in the centre, since there needs to be room around each side of it. This is a major advantage especially for people who love to cook! They can move around freely and not worry about ingredients getting too close.

2. Kitchen Islands can act as Dining Table

Eating alone? Or you don’t feel like sitting at the dinner table just clean it up later. The kitchen island can act as a dinner table. Of course they can also be used to host many more people, groups and are great for functions.

The island becomes super helpful when grabbing a quick bite removing the whole dining table hassle. 

3. Suit the Island to You

For most of us the kitchen is our sacred space in the home. It is where we enjoy food, company, talk and tea.

A kitchen with an island table can be used in so many ways to facilitate the type of home you want to have. You can have it shaped as a normal table placed in the middle of your kitchen. It can have low counter layers for kids or upper layers for you to enjoy lunch​

The kitchen island can be simple and small, or gigantic and luxurious. The point is, if designed correctly with your lifestyle in mind it should be used for decoration and functionality.

The kitchen island countertop can also be the colour of a rainbow or solid black. You decide.

4. The Island Can be Functional 

A common and creative used of the kitchen island is to place the sink in it. This can help remove the crowdedness of the dishes from other counters. It can help you wash dishes while you cook. If the sink is combined with the stove the island can become super productive in how you move around, cook and use your kitchen. Everything will be around you as you cook, eat and clean, so there is need to keep going back and forth. 

5. Extra storage space

Kitchen Islands can contain much additional space, cabinets and drawers if you so desire. With the central placement of the island, this storage space does usually become the go to space for most of your most used items and becomes so helpful for  endless reasons. Having an island simply helps any kitchen become more organised since everything is put away near where it is needed when being used.

Islands can also include book shelves, a great place to store your kids homework before dinner time 🙂 (which is what I use mine for)

6. Perfect for Kids

Cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, but still need to keep an eye on the kids? Kitchen islands are super kid-friendly. Kids seem to love sitting at islands as they feel they are at the centre of everything and not in another room or in a corner. They are also in plain site so you can get on with chores. They can play with their iPads, eat without messing up the place or even help when cooking.

7. More Space for More Stuff

As technology gets better so are kitchen appliances. From cool gadgets to air fryers, creative microwaves to electronic stoves, portable ovens to organic growth chambers, new amazing products are always coming and some are simply must haves. However, having appliances put away in cupboards kind of defeats the purpose. They need to be out and used. With most kitchens you simply run out of space.

With kitchen islands you can even build in large drawers to house your most used appliances which you did not consider for in your original kitchen.

8. Kitchen Utensils at the Ready

Kitchen islands can help you organise your utensils much more making much more accessible when cooking.

9. Kitchen Islands are Fun & Romantic

Kitchen islands do help people come together. Cooking and eating no longer should be separate things. Cooking has become fun in todays world and so cooking for friends, loved ones or dates while they sit near you and talk is a very close and fun thing to do.

Throw in a few candles and you have yourself a very relaxed and romantic atmosphere which would usually be in the living room, but with a well designed island, it can really help every relationship as if there is one thing we love more then our partners - its food 🙂

10. Kitchen Islands Work

The island kitchen is not a trend, they are used more and more in TV or modern shows because the island simply works better then surrounding cabinets. The island is a modern improvement on the older designed kitchen. Once you have an Island you will never go back.

Are you looking to refurbish your kitchen or install a new one? Are you interested in having the perfect kitchen island?

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Brian McMonagle

About the author

Brian took over McMonagle Marble & Granite from his father Cathal in 2009. A family run business McMonagles was originally a fireplace distributer. Brian’s innovative steps has now expanded the company to over 20 employees, International markets and into the leading marble and granite fabricator of the North West of Ireland.

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