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Granite, Marble or Quartz? Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Countertop Material

By Brian McMonagle

October 31, 2018

Galway, Granite, Marble, Quartz

If you’re ready to take your home to the next level, it’s imperative that you choose the countertop that best suits your décor, your lifestyle, and most importantly, your taste. Granite and quartz kitchen countertops are popular for a reason, but different surfaces work better in certain environments.

While all the surfaces we offer are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms with the proper care, some are more functional than others for frequent use, while others are gorgeous but perhaps less practical overall. Marble, granite, quartz, or otherwise, it’s critical that you choose the countertop that not only feels right in your heart, but your home as well.

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Does Granite suit my Home?

Granite’s beauty and affordability make it a very popular countertop. 

Not only is its beautiful sheen widely sought after, but the outstanding variety of colours and styles granite offers has enabled it to compliment any kitchen or bathroom. Naturally resistant to heat and scratching, granite requires only a simple sealing treatment once a year.

Those who prefer the subtler matte look will delight in knowing that honed marble is also available, which possesses the same durability and quality as granite, only with a different aesthetic. 

How about Marble?

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Many gravitate to marble because it is a timeless, legendary natural stone surface. Its beautiful veining, ranging from minimalist to dramatic, is the centerpiece of many high-end luxury homes. 

While it’s indisputably a beautiful surface, it requires more tender love and care than granite or quartz. For owners who don’t mind the maintenance and are willing to take the necessary measures to prevent staining, marble can be an incredible, transformative addition to a home. 

Beauty and practicality are often opposite each other, and marble is no exception. If there’s a risk of odorous foods or colourful, staining liquids like wine spilling on your marble surface, perhaps quartz or granite is a safer option. As marble is porous, it stains and can occasionally retain odour – to combat this, either careful precautions or careful use is prescribed.

Is Quartz right for my kitchen?

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Quartz is brilliant as it’s the marriage of natural stone’s best attributes – both extremely strong and stunningly beautiful, quartz’s nearly maintenance-free functionality makes it a lucrative choice for high-end kitchens.

Unlike natural stone countertops, quartz is designed and created in a way that makes the use of sealants unnecessary. Not having to seal your countertop yearly is a great argument for quartz, especially for those who simply want to install a countertop and let the rest handle itself. Resistant to stains, nicks, burns, and odour, quartz is well suited for busy kitchens.

Even better yet – quartz surfaces are massively diverse in their appearance and patterns, making them suit the most elegant to the most eccentric of spaces.

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In Conclusion

Ultimately, it’s up to the consumer to choose the countertop surface that suits them best. Whether or not that’s a natural stone like granite or marble, or perhaps a manufactured surface such as quartz, the decision and logic behind choosing the right surface should, in the end, depend upon seeking the best return for your investment. 

With that in mind, it’s extremely important that homeowners remember this key secret: you don’t have to exclusively use one material in your home. You could have granite countertops in your kitchen and a quartz bathroom, or you could coordinate marble and quartz in your kitchen to create contrast or to combine invincible quartz with the delicate but legendary marble.

As quartz is the most expensive of the three, the best return on investment for most homeowners is likely its natural stone progenitors, whose endurance and elegance provide aesthetic completeness for both first-time homebuyers to high-end remodels.

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