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5 Reasons why Granite Is the Perfect Stone For Fireplaces

By Brian McMonagle

July 5, 2017

Granite, Marble

Granite is the metamorphic stone that has been used and seen for centuries around the world. The different kinds of marble found and used have been produced in the production of the Taj Mahal in India, the Aon Center in Chicago, and most of Turkemistan’s capital, Ashgabat.

Granite can be in white or gray or any other colour based on where it was drilled from.

If sculptors and architects throughout the ages have used Granite in some of the most important buildings of our time then surely it is the right choice for our homes.

Below are 5 reasons why Granite is one of the best stones to use for your fireplace.

1. Warmth and Aesthetics

Granite is a strong stone, as well as elegant and stylish. It’s one of the most popular stones used for building certain features in a homes such as countertops and showers.

Granite can always adds a feeling of beauty and appeal. A granite fireplace adds this feel-good atmosphere to any home.

The fireplace being the centrepiece of a living room so should its material offer that high level of sophistication. Granite adds a certain elegance and lavishness to your fireplace.

2. Easy Maintenance

Granite fireplaces are very easy to clean. Soot, drink, or food can be easily washed off with a damp cloth.

Wiping the surface every week will prevent a dust build up, giving the marble fireplace a continuous sleek and sharp look.

3. Durability & Variety

Granite fireplaces are known most durable. Granite buildings and sculptures built at the time of the Roman Empire still stand beautifully today.

Granite also comes in many colours, giving a regal look and certain beauty to the fireplace.

A Granite fireplaces can match any style, whether traditional, modern, french etc.

4. Fire & Water Resistance

As a hard, dense stone, granite is not irritated by heat. Granite is also largely water resistant, permitting any water to be doused on the flame inside without damage being caused.

5. Granite can be Replaced

In the event of your Granite fireplace being chipped, cracked, or discoloured, it can be easily replaced. There are many options to easily and neatly refurbish a Granite fireplace. 

Granite has many benefits for the fireplace. It is glamorous and warm, resistant to heat and water, easy to clean and comes in so many versions attractive for any home.

The history of Granite and its usage shows why it is a great piece of stone that can be used for any project big or small.

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Brian McMonagle

About the author

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