May 22


How To Choose Countertop Colours

By Brian McMonagle

May 22, 2018

Countertops whether in bathrooms, kitchens or study areas are a decorating choice you need to make wisely.

They can be costly, so you need to be sure that what you choose is the right decision. There are a few things to take into consideration before choosing the right colours such as the design you are going for, how you will be using the countertop and how durable.

Take these few tips into consideration when searching for the colours

color matches countertop

Striking red tiles with wooden countertop

Here are some quick tips to help you chose the right colour for your countertops:

  1. When you are looking for a countertop you need to have a rough colour in mind which will match your décor and colour scheme.
    A good piece of advice is not to get one solid colour for your worktop which perfectly matches your walls or furniture and this can become boring overtime. Instead opt for something that has patterns of the colour you want. This will help keep your options open.
  2. The best tip of all is to colour sample your worktop. Grab a sample pack of the colours you like and put them against your cupboards and walls and see what you do and don’t like.
    Also look at samples in all lights. Daylight with curtains opened and in the evening with your lights on as both can be very different and give off certain shades that you might not notice just by doing one or the other.
  3. Wood is perfect when you’re going for warmth in your kitchen. Wood is able to bring character specially if your house and cabinets. are light in colour. Wood can fit into a modern character, farmhouse or chic if it has too. Wood also has a variety of types and colours. You can use a natural timber or staining and varnishing also works well with many design styles.
  4. If you’re looking at working in with a solid concrete countertop or plain solid worktop you have to be careful not to give a cold appearance. You can address this using warm tones like brown tones and yellows.
  5. Be careful when choosing cabinet and bench colours in the bathroom. If choosing a colourful bathtub make sure it matches your cabinet colours as changing bathtubs can be expensive if something doesn’t match. A white coloured bathtub can make it easier with white complimenting all colours​.

Sometimes it can just be trial and error and in the end, it is what suits your taste and lifestyle.
Don’t settle if you are still unsure or leaning towards another colour. Take your time and settle on exactly what you want.

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