March 7


5 Reasons Why Breakfast Countertops are a Must In Every Kitchen

By Brian McMonagle

March 7, 2018


A quartz or granite breakfast countertop is a convenient space in the kitchen where you could grab a quick meal, maybe watch your favourite TV program, use as a work area or cooking area.

Once you have a breakfast worktop you will wonder how you ever survived without one. 

So versatile in their use they can become the centre place of any kitchen (if desired)

Breakfast Countertops Enhance the Overall look of your kitchen

A beautifully installed breakfast countertop when matched to the overall colour, furniture and decor of a kitchen has the power to bring the whole kitchen together in a unifying balance.

The granite worktop can effortlessly tie a bow on the decor and offer that touch of of class and sophistication into any kitchen space.

Worktops offer such versatility for Guest entertainment

When family or friends drop by unexpected you will so glad to be armed with your breakfast countertop.

It become a perfect space for a coffee and a chat while offering a comfortable space for eating and drinking if the mood takes.

The guests also dont feel to intrusive as their is something about the high countertop which makes everyone feel at ease and at home.

A house is not a home until friends and family feel at ease. A breakfast countertop helps us bring friends closer and can create a welcoming atmosphere in any kitchen

countertops are great for Additional work space

The quartz or granite worktop is also perfect for all sorts of multitasking. Your breakfast bar can be used as a work surface for food preparation and many other functions in the kitchen.

The breakfast countertop will always come in handy for occasions when food is required in large quantities and therefore a larger space and surface is required for its preparation.

Children birthday parties, small family get togethers and other smaller and larger functions - the Breakfast countertop will help alleviate all manners of space issues in the kitchen where (when it comes to parties) people tend to conjugate.

The breakfast countertop can also serve as a mini-office space when you need to get some badly needed homework or office work done.

countertops are moderately inexpensive

Depending on the style of finishes you opt for, whether quartz countertop, granite countertop or one of our many bespoke countertop finishes, the breakfast countertop is moderately inexpensive considering the comfort, space and beauty it offers any kitchen.

breakfast countertop help Strengthen the bond between family members

One main benefit of the breakfast countertop that cannot be overemphasised is how they can cleverly and subtly strengthen family ties.

The primary reason of having a breakfast countertop is probably to provide a comfortable space where family members can eat, talk and relax. Food is a basic human need and is easily one of the best way for families to come together and form closers bond.

However, in this faster world it can be much harder for families to find time for the family dinner and so the quick breakfast, evening snack and nighttime cup of tea over the kitchen countertop can be just as strong.

Help family Interactions with your spouse and kids by using the kitchen countertop to its fullest potential.

If you are considering a breakfast countertop or kitchen worktop in your home or have some concerns about her new kitchen and would appreciate some advice concerning its function and decoration please get in touch with us at McMonagles Marble & Granite serving Donegal to Galway.

Brian McMonagle

About the author

Brian took over McMonagle Marble & Granite from his father Cathal in 2009. A family run business McMonagles was originally a fireplace distributer. Brian’s innovative steps has now expanded the company to over 20 employees, International markets and into the leading marble and granite fabricator of the North West of Ireland.

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