October 4


Things You Need to Know about Using Quartz Kitchen Countertops

By Brian McMonagle

October 4, 2017


You have probably heard quartz is great for a kitchen countertop, either from a homemaker friend or from the person who works at the local home improvement store.

Quartz is becoming the most popular material when it comes to kitchen countertops. In fact, the popularity of quartz kitchen countertops is on the rise lately – for all the right reasons. 

If you’re in this page to gather more information about this material, then here are some things you might have not heard of about quartz for kitchen countertops.

Quartz is the Second Most Abundant Mineral on Earth

Perhaps one of the reasons why quartz for kitchen countertops is becoming popular is because it is readily available in the market. In fact, quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth – second to be exact. Unlike granite and marble stone, it may take a very long time for us to say that we are nearly emptying our quartz deposit from the surface of the Earth.

This is the foremost reason why quartz is fast becoming the most popular material for kitchen countertops today. And because of its sustainability, it’s readily available in most home and lifestyle stores.

Quartz Kitchen Countertop is NOT a Natural Stone Countertop

You might have heard from your science class back in elementary school that quartz is a natural stone. However, this is not the case with this quartz. Quartz countertops are made by collecting pieces of quartz and bond them together to produce a non-porous resin.

Though manufactured, it doesn’t hurt the fact that quartz is a very unique material. Manufactured quartz is very malleable that it can be moulded into unique shapes for other products. Malleability is a feature that is not possible with other countertop materials such as marble and granite. 

Quartz Kitchen Countertops are NOT 100% Quartz

As mentioned earlier, quartz used for kitchen countertops are manufactured. Despite that, we can still say that quartz kitchen countertops are made of natural stone product... well, almost. The average quartz countertop slab is composed of 97% quartz minerals while the remaining 3% is resin which holds the minerals together.

But the composition stated above is just the average. Some manufacturers add in some consumer recycled products so that quartz countertops can be sold in different colours.

Quartz for Kitchen Countertops is Better Than Granite

This is highly debatable, but many home improvement enthusiasts would agree. Perhaps the number one reason why quartz is better than their granite countertop is the sustainability (which we’ve discussed earlier). Quartz is said to be five times harder compared to granite. Lastly, quartz is a material that is very low maintenance, a factor that is considerably a deal-breaker to some.

There you have it, some amazing facts about quartz kitchen countertops that you ought to know. If you’re looking forward to get a quartz kitchen countertop for your new home or remodelling, contact McMonagles Marble & Granite, Donegal today.

Brian McMonagle

About the author

Brian took over McMonagle Marble & Granite from his father Cathal in 2009. A family run business McMonagles was originally a fireplace distributer. Brian’s innovative steps has now expanded the company to over 20 employees, International markets and into the leading marble and granite fabricator of the North West of Ireland.

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