October 4


Why are Quartz Kitchen Countertops Becoming so Popular?

By Brian McMonagle

October 4, 2017


For a very long time, granite was the buzz when it comes to kitchen countertop materials.

Now, quartz kitchen countertops are slowly creeping its way to mainstream popularity. According to reports, quartz – also known as the engineered stone – is lately being used more and more by kitchen designers compared to granite. In this blog post, we will tackle some of the reasons why quartz is becoming popular nowadays. 

Quartz Countertops are Environment-Friendly

This engineered stone, more often than not, is comprised of 90% ground quartz mixed with a binding agent such as resin before being shaped into slabs. Manufacturers can then add colour using pigments – there is no end to the types of colour applied. Because of this composition, quartz kitchen countertops are considerably a good choice for those who are concerned for the environment.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Look Good With Less Maintenance

If you want your kitchen to have sleek, stylish look but without the maintenance of a natural stone countertop - marble for example, quartz is the better option. And since most quartz countertops are available in solid colour, this is the perfect choice for those who are aiming for a minimalist look. 

The downside of a minimalist look, however, is that the overall effect of the finish can be rather impersonal so it may not be a good choice for cafes and restaurants. Fortunately, there are manufacturers who are starting to produce quartz with organic-looking finish.

The Finish and Feel

As mentioned, engineered stone manufacturers are already starting to expand their quartz line by making different finishes. Although the smooth and shiny quartz with a solid colour is still the standard, other finishes are available.

Finishes include the sueded or honed (for those who want a softer, brushed feel) and the more pitted look, resembling concrete. These finishes may not have a smoother finish, but it adds a warmer and more dramatic look to your kitchen.

It All Boils Down to Maintenance

Quartz is becoming popular because of its main selling point. Aside from its durability, it is known for being a material with very low maintenance. You do not have to keep a special regimen just to maintain the quartz lustrous look and it will still be impermeable to aging factors such as stains, chips and cracks. In addition, the material is quite resistant to microbes such as bacteria, mildew and mould due to its non-porous properties. 

With that said, please note that there are quartz kitchen countertops that require a bit more daily maintenance. There are a number of reviews that stated their dismay regarding some quartz countertops developing fingerprint stains on the surfaces. In addition, quartz may be impermeable to a lot of things but it is intolerable to high heat so refrain from putting scalding pots on its surface.

However, the positive notes of quartz countertops will never be toppled down by the negative ones. That is why it is not a wonder why quartz kitchen countertops are becoming popular nowadays. If you want to have your kitchen countertops installed with this material, let us know at McMonagle Marble & Granite.

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Brian McMonagle

About the author

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