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Quartz Countertops

Quartz is made up of 7% fillers, resin and pigments, and 93% natural quartz. It is one of the hardest naturally occurring substances in nature.

Why choose Quartz?

  • Quartz has the same high polished aesthetic as granite
  • Quartz is consistent in pattern, shade, and colour
  • Quartz's surface is resistant to cracks, chips, and scratches
  • Quartz under standard cooking conditions, is heat resistant
  • Quartz has a gloss shine that is long lasting
  • There is no need to seal Quartz, it is almost entirely maintenance free
  • Quartz has a nonporous surface so it it highly stain resistant and antibacterial
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Flawless Quartz Countertops | McMonagle Marble & Granite

Quartz Countertops

It may not be new, but Quartz has become increasingly popular in the home improvement industry. It has a variety of unique properties that make it the perfect resource for kitchen countertops, as well as other surfaces throughout the home. Below are the 5 mains reasons you should consider Quartz for your next kitchen countertop.


Quartz goes beyond being able to withstand the day to day wear and tear of household and kitchen use. Quartz is an incredibly strong material. This is because Quartz is manufactured by finely grinding quartz which has been naturally mined and then combining it with a polymer resin for additional hardness.

If you treat it well, you will never need to buy another countertop again. (unless you fancy a change, of course 🙂

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Quartz is both striking and durable

quartz kitchens fermanagh

Low Maintenance

The beauty of quartz is once installed and you don’t need to worry about replacing it or even constantly maintaining it.

This low maintenance aspect of quartz is down to its durability as it is safe from erosion and stains from cleaning products and cooking oils.

Quartz also doesn’t need to be repeatedly resealed.

Quartz exudes elegance

Granite is one of the leading materials for kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, and outdoors. The majority of people don’t seem to realise why it has maintained its popularity for so long, especially for kitchens. The main reason for its popularity is its durability, versatility, and flexibility. When it comes to kitchens, you need a countertop that can handle heavy usage. As granite it’s resistant to heat and highly durable, it fits that bill perfectly.


Thanks to its manufacturing process, quartz is antimicrobial. This prevents bacteria from growing on the countertop which can result in mould, mildew, and disease.


As it’s manufactured, Quartz comes in a variety of colours. It can also be shaped into fashionable countertops making it highly adaptable to any design.

Think your design is too out? At McMonagle Marble and Granite we will be able to achieve it.

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We also specialise in granite chopping boards

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Return on Investment

You should always consider return on investment when undertaking any home improvement project, even if you have no immediate plans to move. Countertops see a lot of action, and tend to age. However, quartz you don't have to worry about this.

When it comes to the cleaning of your new quartz countertop all you’ll need is a damp cloth or kitchen roll along with a non-abrasive, bleach free cleaner. Quartz is fairly resistant to stains, but you should still clean up any spills immediately. While it is heat resistant, you should still use trivets for hot pots or pans. Additionally, you should still use a chopping board for all of your cutting and slicing. It is durable, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take precautions. Remember, any surface can be damaged when treated to the extreme.

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Anything I wanted was not a problem...

We got a new marble fireplace made to order and a quartz worktop for a new kitchen from McMonagle and could not be happier. Excellent work to a very high standard anything I wanted was not a problem. So delighted with all the work.


Arriving when they should, doing a great job and leaving the place tidy...

We picked a quartz worktop for our kitchen. It looks amazing and is easy to keep clean due to the polished surface. The service was excellent, there was no fuss. Everyone just arriving when they should, doing a great job and leaving the place tidy once they were finished. Couldn't have asked for anything more. I have already recommended McMonagle Marble and Granite to a number of people as well as the company that supplied our kitchen who were also very impressed with the workmanship and quality of the product.

Garrett C

We have already recommended McMonagle(s)... and will happily continue to do so.

From the initial consultation in the showroom through to measurement and installation, everything was handled professionally and with minimum fuss. We were very happy with the service and we were guided in the right direction in terms of product selection by the knowledgeable sales staff. We have already recommended McMonagle Marble and Granite to friends and family and will happily continue to do so.

E. Mitchell

Workmen very quick and neat... 

We bought a quartz worktop, upstand and splashback and we were very happy with it. Installation workmen very quick and neat.

Sean G

Brilliant..... As always... 

We purchased our Amiata quartz worktops from Mcmonagle Marble & Granite The expertise, professionalism & general helpfulness was second to none..... I was in several times getting advice on colours & edging..... This was always dealt with in a manner that was so helpful. Nothing was too much trouble. The guys who fitted the worktops were clean and quiet. They got the job done quickly and left us with a specialized spray cleaner. Brilliant..... As always.

Marianne S

The quality of the worktop I had fitted for my new kitchen is superb...

The quality of the worktop I had fitted for my new kitchen is superb, it has been measured and fitted to perfection, surface is really easy to keep clean, its hard wearing and it looks good. I'm really pleased that I chose Quartz and even more pleased that McMonagles came highly recommended. The service did not disappoint. So happy, from the initial measurement to choosing the worktop to the installation, service was seamless. I was very happy with the fitting and the quality of the worktop for my new kitchen, it was definitely a good investment. I would highly recommend McMonagle Marble & Granite, the time and care taken by staff to ensure you have a quality product for your property when you are spending a lot of money is reassuring.

Julie H

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