Kitchen Worktops at the McMonagle Marble & Granite Showroom, Mountcharles Co. Donegal

Kitchen Worktops at the McMonagle Marble & Granite Showroom, Mountcharles Co. Donegal

Quartz Countertops


Quartz goes beyond being able to withstand the day to day wear and tear of household and kitchen use. Quartz is one of the hardest naturally occurring substances in nature.

Becoming increasingly popular in the home quartz has a variety of unique properties making it the perfect resource for kitchen countertops, as well as other surfaces throughout the home.

Thanks to its manufacturing process, quartz is antimicrobial making it the ideal choice for the family countertop.

Once quartz is installed you essentially do not need to worry about maintaining it. This low maintenance aspect of quartz is down to its durability.

Quartz is safe from erosion and stains from cleaning products and cooking oils and doesn’t need to be repeatedly resealed.

As it’s manufactured, Quartz comes in a variety of colours. It can also be shaped into fashionable countertops making it highly adaptable to any design.

  • High polished aesthetic
  • Consistent in pattern, shade, and colour
  • Surface highly resistant to cracks, chips, and scratches
  • Heat resistant to standard cooking conditions
  • Long lasting gloss shine
  • Almost entirely maintenance free
  • Nonporous surface
  • Highly stain resistant and antibacterial
quartz table top

Quartz Applications

quartz wall cladding

Wet Rooms

Quartz wall cladding cuts and installs like large format tile. It can therefore be used in all the same applications, including those that would benefit from an exceptionally durable, waterproof, and low maintenance material, such as wet rooms and showers.

quartz wall cladding

Kitchen backsplashes

Quartz panels can be cut into different sizes and shapes, allowing you to create unique wall patterns and cover large areas quickly, with fewer joints such as striking Kitchen backsplashes.

quartz wall cladding

Laundry Rooms

Easy to clean and highly heat resistant makes quartz the perfect material for laundry anc cleaning rooms.

quartz wall cladding

Quartz Stair Treading

An element which takes a lot of abuse and use over years, using quartz as steps or as stair treading keeps stairs perfect for years.

quartz wall cladding

Mud Rooms & Hallways

Quartz is the perfect material for wall cladding in high traffic commercial areas.

quartz wall cladding

Quartz Shower Benches

A beautiful and durable shower bench in the same material, colour, and style as your shower walls.

quartz wall cladding

Fireplace Back Walls

The area around stoves and fireplaces is always an area hard to maintain. You will never regret using quartz cladding in this area

quartz wall cladding

Chimney Walls

The high resistance to heat makes quartz cladding above stoves or fireplaces a perfect material.

quartz wall cladding

Bespoke Quartz Chimney

Nervous smoke will slowly damage paint and walls? A warm cloth will clean a quartz wall make to a perfect condition.

quartz wall cladding

Quartz Wall Dividers

Divide the room with a bespoke quartz wall bringing a sophisticated beauty to any room.

Quartz is a highly adaptable element and can be the solution to many commercial and residential problems.
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