How To Select The Best Granite Countertop Colour For Kitchen
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How To Select The Best Granite Countertop Colour for Kitchen

Granite countertops come in a variety of different colours and can make any kitchen look amazing and modern. Before deciding on which colour to choose, make sure to consider what works for best for you and your home. While Granite countertops may be trending in style they will stand the test of time as a durable stone.

Most granite colours are grouped in to different categories:

Black Granite Countertops

Want to add sleekness to your kitchen? Choose a black granite countertop. Black adds a unique style to your kitchen. The two most common black granite colours are black pearl and absolute black. Both add a dynamic feeling to any kitchen and the bold choice is always worth exploring.

Green Granite Countertops

Want a more traditional kitchen? Green granite countertops come in a variety of natural green shades. There are also many supporting colours in green like Forest green from India, Emerald pearl from Norway and peacock green granite to name but a few

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White Granite Countertops

Going modern? Go for white granite. White gives a kitchen a feeling of luxury. It can also make a kitchen look brighter, larger, more open and more airy. The kitchen will look modern and classy if paired with dark wooden cabinets.

Beige Granite Countertops

Want your kitchen to look bigger? Beige granite is your answer. Beige is an attractive colour with its black and grey colours mixed together. If your cabinets have dark colours this colour is a strong choice to compliment your kitchen.

Brown Granite Countertops

For a Rustic kitchen go for brown granites to create a warm environment. This makes the kitchen have a darker look but you should ensure that it does not contrast the cabinets. Brown granite countertops can suit both country and rustic kitchens. If a lot of veining is added to the countertop this creates a warm feeling.

Jewel-Toned Granite

Feeling exotic? Why not add a touch of jewel-toned granite. This will add an exotic flavour of style to your kitchen countertops. These can come in red and green. Extra care is needed when you want them to compliment the cabinets so consider pairing them with muted colours. 

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