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New Fireplace for the Radisson Hotel, Sligo

New fireplace for the hotel Radisson in Sligo 

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How to Clean Your Fireplace Effectively and Efficiently

A crackling fire will always feel like heaven especially in a cold winter night. Using it more often, however, can cause soot and other toxic, tarry deposits around the fireplace. If you want to bring

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Useful Tips and Measurement Guidelines

SHELF WIDTH: The shelf width or mantel width is the widest point of the fireplace. Appearance wise, where possible, keep the shelf width less than the chimney breast width. If the room contains a flat

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5 Tips on Decorating a Hearth

A hearth is the focal point of a room. Whether it’s big and grand or small but functional, your eye is always drawn to it when you enter a new building so you need to make sure yours is in top condition.

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Best Ways to Kit Out Your Hearth

The fireplace is the focal point of any room it’s found in, adding architectural interest and expressing the feel of the room, if not the entire home. Even without a lit fire, it portrays warmth and

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What is a Fireplace Hearth?

A fireplace hearth is an integral part of all fuel burning fires to protect your home from the fire itself. Having been used for thousands of years, hearths are one of the most important factors to consider

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5 Reasons why Granite Is the Perfect Stone For Fireplaces

Granite is the metamorphic stone that has been used and seen for centuries around the world. The different kinds of marble found and used have been produced in the production of the Taj Mahal in India,

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